Full Service Interior & Exterior Detailing


  • High pressure rinse

  • Gentle foam soak

  • Hand wash using 2 bucket method

  • Tire, rim and barrel cleaning

  • Paint dried using warm, filtered air

  • Tires dried and dressed

  • Exterior trim dried and dressed

  • Paint sealant applied to vehicle

  • All exterior glass cleaned streak free


  • Cleaning of all interior surfaces

  • All door jambs cleaned and dried

  • Vacuum carpet, seats and compartments

  • All interior plastics UV protected

  • All interior glass cleaned streak free

  • Steam is used for disinfecting interiors

Starting at $215 Car/Sedan, $250 SUV/Van or $295 Truck
Note: Excessively dirty vehicles (pet hair/dirt) will be charged extra at a rate of $40/hour

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