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Single and Multi-stage Correction

Paint Correction is a labor-intensive process that helps restore your paint to "like new" or better utilizing nano technology abrasives to remove swirl marks and other minor paint defects.

We utilize only the best compounds and polishes and every car is treated uniquely as we know, not every paint is the same. From soft to hard paint, we take care to ensure we deliver the best finish with the least amount of impact to your finish.

Every paint correction is unique and varies in technique to perform the restoration. Pricing for this service varies vehicle to vehicle and we are unable to provide pricing over the phone. If you are interested in having us provide an estimate, please send us an email with pictures enclosed.

It is best to take these pictures in the natural sunlight at an angle that provides the best view of the defects in the paint.

Please send an email to with your pictures enclosed and any additional information and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Paint Correction: Services
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